The Girls Rock! 2019 Workshops

Check out all the creative workshops we have in store for 2019!

Mmmmm! Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate – one of our favorite foods! But what makes chocolate, chocolate? How do we smell, taste and savor chocolate? Experience the science behind the deliciousness and be ready to melt into some serious fun!

Catapults: Out to Launch!

Launch, hurl, heave, sling, let it fly…with a medieval-style catapult you build using household items. How far you can catapult a weight? What makes it fly? It’s all physics (and rubber bands and Popsicle sticks).

Worm into Soil Science

Do you think red wigglers are gigglers or squigglers? I don’t know! But I do know red wigglers are the superworms of composting. Build a worm farm, watch your wigglers multiply, and start composting at home.
Can You Build It?
Of course, you can! Be the girl that knows her way around a shop and loves to build things. Learn to use real tools to create something special to take home. The right tool always makes the job easier!

Girls Strike Back! – Lessons in Self-Defense

Play in the physics of movement as you master basic self-defense moves that will help keep you safe and empower you in risky situations. Build your self-confidence and get some energy out in this active workshop.

Design Your Dream Bedroom

Explore the exciting world of architecture as you design the bedroom of your dreams. Using tools of the trade, create a unique, take home floor plan. You’ll need math, creativity, drawing skills, and a sharp pencil to make your ideas clear!


Journey into the human eye! Rods and cones in our eyes let us see colors, and colors complement and contrast to make our world beautiful. Make a kaleidoscope and enjoy how colors and shapes play together in magical patterns.

Beading in Binary

Cell phones, computers, CDs, and DVDs communicate in a language made up of ones and zeros, called Binary Code. Learn how Binary Code works while you bead a necklace of your name in binary code.

Oops, I Dropped My Phone!

Why did it stop working? Is it broken forever, and I need a new phone? Or can I make it work again? Take a cell phone apart and see the tiny parts that work together in big ways to communicate in our world.

Computer Creations

Do you like to dance, or play music? Draw anime? Design clothes? Play games? You can make computers do all that and more! Learn a few basic commands and you’ll be on your way to creating your world on a computer.

Star Wars Oregon Appearance!

Look for our special STAR WARS guests
from the KASHYYYK BASE here in Oregon!
They love to answer questions, so don’t be shy.
Make sure to visit our photo wall for a picture with them!