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Girls Rock 2024


Free STEM Workshops for Girls
Ages 9 to 13 with their adult
A Fun Filled Day 
of STEM workshops
with breakfast and lunch included 

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Check out below our Workshops for 2024!
They are super cool!


Rock Detectives, join the trek to uncover the mysteries of the Earth. Your rocky expedition includes using your observational skills, as well as the basic tools used in the field to identify various minerals. Unravel the stories and charm of each mineral while learning about the Earth's geological past. 


Beat of Your

Did you know your heart is a super hero inside your body? It delivers energy and oxygen to all parts of your body. Learn to feel your pulse, listen to your heart beat, and explore how the power of your heart plays a vital role in keeping us happy, healthy, and full of life! 


Digital Development

Do you play video games or check different apps on your smart phone? These are created using computer programming. Learn a few commands and you’ll be creating new programs and manipulating the digital world around you. 


Dance Your
Cares Away!

Join us for a fun intro to dance! Learn how you can get stronger physically and have fun at the same time. It takes smarts and even teamwork! Enjoy the music and learn a little about how to use your body and express yourself! You will learn a short routine to share with friends and family.


Electrify your Imagination

Let’s explore what happens when you flip on a light switch or plug in a cell phone to charge. Learn how electricity is produced, the different forms of energy, and the importance of renewable resource practices. At hands-on workstations you will use solar power to charge a cell phone. 


Mission: Reach for the Stars!

Space Explorers! Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to embark on a journey through the Milky Way, while engaging in a hands-on activity to create a solar system mobile. Dive into the fascinating facts around stars, planets, and other celestial bodies within the Milky Way and learn about how to use a telescope for stargazing. 


Are you ready to elevate your video creation skills and unlock the secrets that professional video producers use? Bring a cell phone and join us for an immersive and hands-on workshop. Where you delve into the art and science of crafting compelling videos that captivate your audience. No prior experience required !

A Tangle of Triangles

Flexagon is an introduction to the fascinating world of geometry and paper folding.  These unique geometric triangular shapes can be manipulated into different patterns. Use your creativity to fold your own amazing Flexagon "Spinner" to take home. 

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