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Girls Rock 2024

We are back!
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Sat. Feb 24, 2024! 
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Free STEM Workshops for Girls
Ages 9 to 13

Check out our Workshops from last year
down below! New workshops in January!

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Tinker with everyday objects to make a chain reaction machine that can move a marble across the table.  If you cause an object to move, what is the effect?  How crazy and fun can you make your machine?


How does a pinch of sand become a jewel?

Learn this and more as you explore the world of oysters.  Where and how are they grown?  How is the shell used?  Harvest your own oyster, discover its hidden gem and learn the significance of its color.

Do you think red wigglers are gigglers or squigglers? I don't know! But I do know red wigglers are the super worms of composting.

Build a worm farm, learn about vermiculture and how to enrich the soil in gardens.

Girls Rock 2019-45.jpg

Of course, you can!  Be the girl that knows her way around a shop and loves to build things.  Learn to use real tools to create something special to take home.  The right tool always makes the job easier!

Can You Build It?

Design Your Dream Bedroom

Explore the exciting world of architecture as you design the bedroom of your dreams.  Using tools of the trade, create the floor plan for your unique room.  Use your imagination, drawing skills, sharp pencil, and a little math to make your ideas clear!

Construct a Whitewater Raft

The Rogue River right here in Grants Pass is an amazing place to go rafting. Learn what goes into designing a watercraft that can take on big waves and maneuver around rocks. Then build a small model of your raft and race it down a simulated river.

Computer Creations

Do you like to dance, or play music? Draw anime? Design clothes? Play games? You can make computers do all that and more! Learn a few basic commands and you’ll be on your way to creating your world on a computer.

Microbots Magic!

Boy, will your brothers be envious of you when you know how to build this!  Build a Microbot from common household items and see how fast they can go.  Who knew engineering could be so much fun! With a motor and a battery build a microbot that can dance across the table!  Scientists use micro robots the size of birds, bees and even ants to explore and help our environment.

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