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Some of our previous Workshops
Register 8am at the event

Did you know there are hundreds of different kinds of bees that live in Oregon? Did you know that flies can be pollinators too? Use a microscope to take a look at the punk-rock hairdo of a fly or see the pollen basket a bumblebee uses to carry pollen home.  You’ll learn to appreciate insects in a whole new way in Pollinator Powerhouses!

Playing with Water!

Have you ever wondered how a 350ft tall Redwood tree gets water all the way to its top branches against gravity? Come learn where all the water is on earth, how much is actually available for us to use and how the plants have evolved the best water pump system without technology! Signup for Playing with Water.  Water You Waiting For?!? 

Produce A Video

Experience the magic of video production. Working as a team, capture footage around the school campus. Use specific filming and editing techniques to compose this footage into your team’s own unique video that you can upload and send to friends.  Sign up for Produce A Video.

Worm into Soil Science

Do you think red wigglers are gigglers or squigglers? I don’t know! But I do know red wigglers are the superworms of composting.  Build a worm farm, watch your wigglers multiply, and start composting at home.  Sign up for Worm into Soil Science.

Design Your Dream Bedroom

Explore the exciting world of architecture as you design the bedroom of your dreams. Using tools of the trade, create a unique, take home floor plan. You’ll need math, creativity, drawing skills, and a sharp pencil to make your ideas clear! Sign up for Design Your Dream Bedroom.

Construct a Whitewater Raft

The Rogue River right here in Grants Pass is an amazing place to go rafting. Learn what goes into designing a watercraft that can take on big waves and maneuver around rocks. Then build a small model of your raft and race it down a simulated river.  Sign up for Construct a Whitewater Raft.

Computer Creations

Do you like to dance, or play music? Draw anime? Design clothes? Play games? You can make computers do all that and more! Learn a few basic commands and you’ll be on your way to creating your world on a computer.  Sign up for Computer Creations.

Launch Your Legos!

Launch, hurl, heave, sling, let it fly…with a medieval-style catapult or trebuchet you build using Legos. How far can you catapult a weight? What makes it fly? How much weight will it hold? Who knew physics could be so much fun?  Sign up for Launch Your Legos!

Can You Build It?

Of course, you can! Be the girl that knows her way around a shop and loves to build things.  Learn to use real tools to create something special to take home.  The right tool always makes the job easier!  Can You Build It? will teach you.

Girls Strike Back!

Play in the physics of movement as you master basic self-defense moves that will help keep you safe and empower you in risky situations.  Build your self-confidence and get some energy out in this active workshop. Sign up for Girls Strike Back!

Water to Survive

Changing salt water to drinking water using solar power!  

Water to Survive
NASA Astronaut Selfie

Check out this App that lets you put your photo in a virtual space suit!

NASA Astronaut Selfie
Insect Crisis!

An interesting article on climate change and how it affects our insects

Insect Crisis!
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